Operations and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments

Administration and Supplies Department

In charge of Administrative and Personnel related matters.

  • Participating in preparation of the Board Annual Budget Estimate.
  • Ensuring the maintenance of orderliness and discipline in the Board.
  • Assisting  in policy formulation and its execution in relation to service matters.
  • Ensuring compliance with  extant Rules, General Oder, Financial Regulation, Civil Service Rules and Establishment Circulars as may be related to the Board.
  • Performing such duties as personnel management, project analysis, investment and financial management as well as management services.
  • Coordinating training needs of the staff of the Board.
  • Ensuring compliance with Due Process in the procurement and contract activities of the Board as it affects personnel and their offices.
  • General maintenance of the Board buildings, vehicles, machinery and equipment as well as the Board’s stores and government inventories.

Finance and Account Department

Keeps record of every related financial activities of the centre and also to balance the books of account of the Board.

  • Taking charge of the accounting duties in the board.
  • Maintaining proper accounting records of the board.
  • Advising in the disbursement of fund of the board.
  • Advising the Chief Executive, the accounting officer and other department head on accounting matters.
  • Taking charge of the disbursement of funds of the Board.

Planning, Research and Statistics Department

The department is in charge of making research on behalf of the board and measuring performance of the Board.

  • Develop and implement educational policies arising from data, research and other documents in collaboration with other departments of the Board. 
  • Develop the strategic and action plans and ensure the implementation by other departments of the Board.
  • Collect, collate, analyze and process relevant useful data for decision making, allocation of resources and designing staff development strategies.
  • Provision of learning facilities, development of physical structures in all Technical Colleges across the State in the area of procurement and distribution of furniture, construction of school buildings and perimeter fence.
  • Procurement of workshop equipment, laboratory science materials and installation of power.
  • Planning and monitoring of capital project of the board and (5) Technical Colleges to ensure standards and effective utilization of fund.
  • Undertakes researches for formulation of education of policies and programmes.
  • Preparing and ensuring implementation of the Annual Budget Estimates for the Board and the Technical Colleges.
  • Participate in statutory meetings of JCCE, NCE, STAN, MAN etc and ensuring implementation of the decisions, recommendations of meetings, laws and regulations of education.
  • Seek for Local, National and International Organizations’ collaboration.
  • Process and distribute running grants for the Technical Colleges in the State.

Evaluation Department

The department evaluate performances of those that undergo one vocation and technical courses in the board for proper report and presentation.

  • Coordinate the conduct of  Common Entrance Examination. 
  • Organize joint promotion examination in five GTCs in the State.
  • Monitor NABTEB and Trade test examinations in the GTCs and private Vocational Centers.

Technical Vocation and Education Department

The department is in charge of educating those undergoing one vocation or the other in the Board.

  • Treat matters relating to formulation of all policy issues relating to Technical Education.
  • Establishing and ensuring accreditation of Technical Colleges and Vocational Centers.
  • Monitoring of the Technical Colleges to ensure that quality teaching and morals are maintained.
  • Procurement of relevant Technical Home Economics and consumables materials for distribution to Technical Colleges and Vocational Centers.
  • Monitoring of the teaching and equipment supplied to the Technical Colleges to ensure and judicious use.
  • Participating in NABTEB recognition and inspection of Technical Colleges.
  • Organizing technical teachers vocational courses in the state as it affects.
  • Purchase of admission forms and conduct of examination for the colleges.
  • Facilitating the payment of final year students’ registration fees for NABTEB and other final year students examination.
  • Supervision of the registration of students for final examination, conducted by various examining bodies eg NABTEB, Trade test.
  • Recommendation Technical teachers for NABTEB training programme in and outside the country.